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About 8 months ago we moved to the Sunshine Coast and we love it!  We have fallen in love with this beautiful area and we couldn't be happier.  For the past eights months however we have been working out of our kitchen/dining room as this house just isn't big enough to accommodate my business Mum & Me Handmade Designs.  Every meal time I had to pack away everything which obviously wasn't ideal.

So 6 months ago we bought an old shipping container and my lovely partner has converted this into our new home studio.  Of course there were a few delays with finding time to complete this project so finally we have moved in - WOOHOO!! 

Here are the BEFORE photos:-

The Before Photos

And this is NOW.  It still needs a bit of love and some landscaping and hopefully we will have this completed by June.

Converted Shipping Container
Mum and Me Handmade Designs - Home Office
And now we have moved in! Yay :-)  It was really important for us to be able to have ample cupboards and shelving for all our supplies.

Our New Office - Mum & Me Handmade Designs

Office Space

I'm loving my new peg board and it's great having so much cupboard space.
Peg Board - Office Organisation

This is where I pack all my orders. And of course we need somewhere to put the beer and wine:-

Packing Stationery - Online Handmade Card Store

Once we have completely finished the final touches on our new office space I will share some more photos and hopefully a little video that I will eventually add to my Etsy About Page.

Until next time,

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Sold Out